Frances Ponsford Burnett, M.ED., C.H.E., C.M.B., C.E.P.C. College of Culinary Arts-Senior Instructor.

Recently I received a Masters in Education from Columbia College. I also hold bachelor’s degree in Food Service Education and an associate degree in Baking & Pastry from J&W.  After graduating in ’90 and working as a pastry chef for the Daily Bread in Providence, R.I., I worked as a consultant for the National Honey Board, Calif. Raisin Advisory Board and Flaxseed Council of Canada on behalf of Thomas Payne Market Development in San Francisco. Earlier in my career, I worked for Marriott International in Los Angeles, San Diego, Bermuda and New York as a pastry chef/baker/task force trainer, traveling to new hotels to open bakeries. Starting my career in baking, I also worked at Bristol Farms Market in California as bakery supervisor. I am one of a handful of women in the country to hold the title of Certified Master Baker and am also a Certified Executive Pastry Chef and Certified Hospitality Educator.

Teaching in the classroom, I have become an early adopter to all things technical. The new Millennial students (no matter what the title might be) are learning at astounding rates and are able to resource inquiry skills remarkably fast…I’m just trying to keep up!

I am at “awe” what new technology is available for instruction and the added element of enhancement it brings for classroom enjoyment.

I hope this blog will help my fellow colleagues explore the possibilities too!



  1. frances

    cat your mind back to 1987-88 a long time i know….there was a quiet/shy english guy at castle harbour who as i recall sold you my tv when i left. i know this is out of the blue but ive been in one of those occasions when im trying to proove to my daughter (shes 12) that i did have a life without her once…so i googled names that i could remember and yours popped up. This is just a note to say hi , glad things are going well for you( as i read). Still a chef here Head Chef of a largish hotel in the UK although my daughters badgering me to move back to the US.

    Anyway i hope this finds you well and with a vague recollection of good times in bermuda


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