Posted by: fburnett | June 25, 2008

ppt. killing

The last ten years, my colleagues and I were all down with ppt. The consensus came from the world teaching forum somewhere in this Universe, PowerPoint is the way and we are the follower.

Every year we would have PowerPoint in-services of how you can spruce it up for your presentations. Thank goodness it’s all just about over now…..

The presentation by Nancy Duarte tells it like it is and offers some great resources and advice along with links. A definite must see for any teacher. Bring life into presentations!



  1. Presentations could kill you if there are multiple drivers & the creating group does not know the audience. (this is different from not knowing how to present or what to present, but a constant feat if the ppt with click with the audience).

    You should see how any of the sales / marketing ppts are created before the teams make a pitch.

    You amy also like to check out a contest by Slideshare for the best presentation @


  2. Great point Jay.
    I have created so many powerpoints in my 15 years of teaching, It’s refreshing there are so many new, free and exciting tools to choose from for the average-Joe noob-like me.

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