Posted by: fburnett | April 11, 2008

Multi tasking and creativity.

Our campus’ in-service today was enlightening. Not only did it confirm my resolution to become a better teacher by engaging the students more with 2.0 tech, but also gave me ideas (or “idears” from the video of the high school science teacher – I was always teased in high school for saying idears and axed, and years of speech therapy never cured it – I picked up on the phonetics right away).

I can use my reader (RSS) in my daily lecture. I can give students a case study on struggling bakery owners from my baker-to-baker chat line posts, record their answers and build a database of responses from students along side the veterans responses (new wiki maybe?!). I’ve used case studies before, but having to create new situations all the time (just to keep myself entertained and not fall complacent with the same answers) became a struggle keepingcurrent and “fresh”. With technology spilling over in the industry, more associations and journals are utilizing feeds and readers (aggregators) to stay current and assist with maintaining the highest standards for the industry they represent. I’ll post next week on my findings.

The one great opportunity we have as culinary educators is creativity. Creativity is taught in every class. We can teach students creativity by using parameters set by the project, providing the core elements of objectives and then let the students run with it. But how can we pull out the most from within our students inner core when they have never been exposed to whats possible? Here is where the great Prensky takes center stage: Engagement, peer teaching, technology (OK-no youtube)….the list is endless.

During the conclusion, Professor Neal, the director of faculty development for University of North Carolina, opened the floor for discussion and questioning. Someone questioned the proper modality for teaching multitasking. Why is it so hard to teach? We heard It could be a problem with learning modalities or with the students reception of the required demands, or just the  little fact I learned while watching a very interesting video on TED the other day by Sir Robinson on creativity (brain differences between the species!). I found this video to be educational and humorous. I think you will agree with me when you watch it:


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