Posted by: fburnett | March 20, 2008

History repeats itself

I had an interesting conversation with my colleague the other day. I mistakenly mentioned “boy, you think we (US) would learn from our mistakes!” …What an earful I received, he was so delighted to list every mistake of history and how you never learn from the mistakes of our past. I am sure he was being very philosophical that particular day, but it got me thinkin’. Hmmm, I bet my colleagues Mr P-hottie and Chef Mc-Dreamy never have the same issues I have on the first day of class! I was reminded of this by this clip of our gang. Kids don’t change all that much-do they?!

Oh yeah, and what about that math problem? You remember, the one I squealed on during orientation….The one I have screamed about for years! Wow, and I thought this was maybe, somehow, a new problem? Well good ol’ Abbot and Costello brought back my reality of the yesteryear’s!


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