Posted by: fburnett | March 12, 2008


Voicethread is a program in which you can sign up, upload pics and give a narrative. Now it’s even better because you can add videos to it as well.

I used it when I was toiling with the idea of how to get my campus to adopt clickers, how I was going to explain its purpose so consize, and yet entertaining. This is when I hit on voicethread. I had seen it in a techie educators blog and I signed up but never really used it. A few months later, I decided to use it to explain it to faculty and administrators at our other campus. You can view it here. It is pretty easy to use-Just upload pics and start talking. It has about a 15 min learning curve. But one thing I learned from my experience (feedback) I should have made it more interactive by interviewing other collegues. I guess my voice is a little monotone, and became boring after the initial 10 minutes. heehee-who knew?


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