Posted by: fburnett | March 11, 2008


What is it? Is the site I have used to host my blog. Now I have just learned I can go to .org to download all kinds of nifty gadgets to spiff up my blog.

Its a simple tool to get you and your students thinking, writing and communicating.

You can:
Create your own blog site and publish blog entries. Publish engaging multimedia, video, animations… in your blog, authored by you or your students.

It is:
Personalized on-line communication tool to suit a variety of learning styles, potentially inspiring, engaging learning and assessment tool, allows anytime access to and publishing of media, text, video, photos, as well as anytime, anywhere access to view and record journal entries for reflection and assessment.

At present, I’m using my blog: primarily for student extra credit. Students can take an argument, or commentary of the ones I have suggested, and post a comment consisting of 1 cite and at least 300 word minimum post. I am hoping as this blog grows, I will see comments on other students comments. More critical thinking skills emerging.

But wait there’s more:


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