Posted by: fburnett | March 10, 2008

Second Life

This ain’t your kids game anymore!

More and more Universities are bringing the classes into MUVE’s (multi-user virtual environments) to create environments that mimic the real world. Although, in second life, unlike the Sims or WOW game, there is no real objective level to achieve. Its really just about creating space and social atmospheres so educators and students can get together and have real-time contact through their avatars. In fashion design they can create clothing and sell it for real money! Hotels, restaurants and bakeries are simulated so students can see and work in atmospheres that are created by them, for them, and with the skills they need to achieve, in mind.

I teach in a class that simulates a bakery-in real life(RL). In Second Life (SL), my class learns about other venues that can increase creativity and talk to other baking students from around the world. In SL they also learn about cultural and social mores, trends and what its like to work in a bakery in a virtual world, comparing the similarities and differences. I also take them on a tour in, and around different ecosystems and islands that are created for sustainability.

My bakeshop in SL is really just a creative hub for fun. Students take a few quiz’s about products for oven temperatures, they are quizzed on food safety, can roll out pie dough, knead bread, learn about cookery of the 18th century from recipe books in a catalogued file cabinet. They can even watch a video of the showpieces they will create in RL.

Soon, I envision my students walking in and through a 3d gallery of breads and cakes. Students will walk around the cells and see how the cells expand to create the loaf at diffferent temperatures and how science does its part in the evolution of bread and baked goods.

There is so much potential teaching aspects in SL, it’s no wonder Universities, hospitals, government org., and private org., are moving into SL for a training purposes.  Pros and Cons.

 Go to to get started and get an avatar and join the SLED list. Then you can meet me at:


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